Timber Creek’s Bourbon Blending Kit Is The Worlds First Bourbon Blending Kit To Allow You To Blend Any Bourbon Mash Bill From 4 Single Grain Whiskeys.

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First, we have a custom designed pot still with a whiskey pot still head and two bubble plates in the head. We also have a traditional copper worm condenser. Our design was inspired by the traditional Scottish pot stills… with a few modern enhancements.

Second, we put a lot of focus on the care of the grains throughout the process. We crack our grains with a roller mill to open the grains so they can release their starch. We then cook the grains in a traditional mash cooker. Next, we lauter the grains to separate the grains from the mash. This separation of spent grains removes any possibility of overexposure to the grain kernel and reduces the possibility of off flavors being imparted into the mash. Once our mash is in the fermenters, we control the fermentation temperature to make sure yeast are happy, healthy, and product fantastic whiskey.

Third, we mill, cook, lauter, ferment, distill and barrel each grain individually. This lets us optimize our process to the needs of each specific grain including milling size, cook temperature, fermentation temperature, distillation temperature, and time as well as the final cuts for each grain. This also allows us to let each grain age separately and mellow in its own time. We can hand select specific barrels of each grain and blend them in different proportions to create custom whiskey flavor profiles based on how each grain has aged. We can use the same set of barrels and mix many different mash bills and come out with many different whiskeys.

Timber Creek


We use a local blend of corn, wheat and barley to create a smooth, easy to drink bourbon perfect neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite drink.

Florida Bourbon
Timber Creek


This rare four-grain blend brings together the sweetness of corn, balanced by wheat, with a touch of spice from rye, and the smooth taste of barley.

Timber Creek


This is a one-of-a-kind rye whiskey made from 100% Florida 401 Black Rye, a strain that grows only in Florida, with a uniquely bold flavor unlike any other rye.

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