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Florida Coffee Rum

In order to get the best flavor into our Coffee Rum, we start with a robust Brazilian coffee bean, which is custom roasted to a heavy dark roast. The best flavors are extracted while the beans are fresh, so we grind the beans and cold brew them for as soon as we get them. If you like strong coffee, you will love our Coffee Rum. Mix with a little milk, cream, or almond milk to make a great Iced Coffee. It’s a great way to start your day.
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What is a Florida Rum?

A Florida Rum should represent the best that Florida has to offer, and therefore a Florida Rum must have the following characteristics:

  1. Distilled from 100% local Gulf Coast Molasses
  2. Uses only Florida limestone spring water
  3. Aged in the heat and humidity of Florida (if aged)
  4. Bottled unfiltered – to preserve the unique flavors

This combination of factors will produce a distinctly rich and uniquely Florida Rum.

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Timber Creek uses a proprietary distilling and blending technique we call PureBlend®. This process is an end to end process designed to optimize flavors from each individual grain or ingredient and then blends the flavors after aging to create unique, bold, balanced, and pure flavor profiles.

Florida Apple Pie Rum 750 UPC

Timber Creek Florida Coffee Rum

Product Specs: APB 750ML: 6 Bottle Case. SRP $19.99
Shipper Dimensions: APB 750ML: 9.5” x 6.125” x 13.125”
Bottle Dimensions: APB 750ML: 12.598” x 2.965”
Florida Brand Registration: APB 750ML: 238161
TTB Cola Registration: APB 750ML: 17124001000051

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