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Timber Creek Distillery Vodka

Best Domestic Vodka

The Fifty Best recently hosted a Domestic Vodka tasting in which Timber Creek Florida Vodka was awarded a Gold medal.
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Timber Creek Florida Vodka
(Timber Creek Distillery, Florida)
Distilled from 100% Florida Red Soft Winter Wheat.
100% natural Florida limestone spring water. 4x distilled.

Nose: Lemon custard, vanilla, lightly floral, grain, grassy, cucumber, vegetal, green olives, brine, sparkling water, clean spring water.
Palate: Vanilla, creamy, honey, floral, wheat, green beans, vegetal, grassy, dried leaves, white pepper, saline, clean water, funky, fresh smooth, palate pleasing.
Finish: Creamy, fresh water, fresh snow, dried leaves, nicely balanced, clean, soft, smooth, zesty, refreshing.

The complete results are published on and can be seen here:

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