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Bourbon Sippers Visit Timber Creek to Try More then Their Distilled Spirits

We recently took a trip to the Timber Creek Distillery in Crestview, FL and were blown away.  Crestview is in the Panhandle of Florida and is about 45 minutes North of Destin, which is known for being one of the top Scuba Diving destinations in the U.S.

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Crestview hasn’t had much of a reputation up until Timber Creek Distillery showed up.

As we drove up to the property we noticed the final stretch took us on a dirt road which literally and metaphorically made us slow down. Tall pine and oak trees lined the winding road that led us up to a 13,000 Sq Ft Lodge, we passed a small lake with Largemouth Bass hitting bugs at the top of the water. Behind the lodge were two warehouse style buildings where the magic was happening. As whiskey lovers and outdoorsman, we would have been fine to never leave.

We could write for days about touring the Timber Creek Distillery and property, but you’re just going to have to visit yourself.

Timber Creek Distillery


If you’ve been burned by bad craft whiskey before like we have, you naturally have a little hesitation tasting anything not from one of the major bourbon distilleries and we can’t blame you. We taste everything with a healthy dose of skepticism and it’s important to note that we not only tried the Timber Creek products before the trip, they were the reason we made the 5-hour drive to visit.

If there is one takeaway from this article, it’s that you need to try it. Try all of it.

As we worked our way through the different products, we kept wondering when we would try something we genuinely didn’t like. That didn’t happen. The Bourbon was good, the Black Rye Whiskey was good, the Coffee Rum was good, the regular Rum was good, and somehow even the Vodka was good. This was now the 2nd time that we tasted through each of the products and were just as impressed as we were the first time we tried them.



Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Black Rye WhiskeyFlorida Black Rye Whiskey – A must-buy. This Florida Black Rye Whiskey is incredible right out of the bottle at 93 proof. We tasted this at cask strength and it was phenomenal. Fans of Rye Whiskey are going to lose their minds over this one, I’m genuinely concerned that they won’t be able to keep up with the demand when more people try it.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Single MaltFlorida Single Malt Whiskey – A must-try. You’re not going to like this, unless you like scotch. Made from 100% Barley, this 90 proof whiskey is a scotch-lovers dream.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida WhiskeyFlorida Whiskey – A must-try. At 93 proof, this corn-forward whiskey is a blend of corn, Florida Wheat, and Barley. This tastes like it’s much hotter than 93 proof, great viscosity. This is the one that we struggle with the most since our personal preference leans away from corn notes. This one opens up a lot as you give it some time and those who like George Dickel will really enjoy this.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Single Malt WhiskeySouthern Reserve Florida Whiskey – A must-buy. 100 proof of sweet nectar. They nailed this one. Corn, Florida Wheat, Florida Rye, and Barley. This is damn good. It’s incredibly complex with just the right amount of rye and wheat to bring forward the sweetness and red fruits. If all you want to taste is vanilla, this isn’t for you. But if you want to taste the spectrum of a whiskey, you’re going to love this.  Purchase Here


Timber Creek Distillery - Florida GinFlorida Gin – A must-try. We don’t like Gin, and we liked this. Honey-suckle, juniper, and all sorts of flavor, this is a gin we’re willing to keep around the house. 80 proof and easy to drink.  Purchase Here


Timber Creek Distillery - Florida VodkaFlorida Vodka – A must-buy. If you drink Vodka and don’t buy this, you have no one to blame but yourself, it’s 80 proof and drinks like water. Our Russian-American friend (and videographer for the amazing Timber Creek Distillery video) said this Vodka was the best he’s ever had.  Purchase Here

Watch with the Sound On


Timber Creek Distillery - Florida RumFlorida Rum – A must-buy. If you drink clear rum, buy it. It’s dangerously easy to sip at 80 proof and at cask strength it could be one of the best rums out there.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Apple Pie RumFlorida Apple Pie Rum – A must-try. If you like sweet cocktails and apple pie, this is worth a taste.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Coffee RumFlorida Coffee Rum – A must-try. Many people have attempted to find a blend of coffee and liquor to no avail, but Timber Creek Distillery has succeeded. It’s 60 proof and just tastes like good black coffee.  Purchase Here

Timber Creek Distillery - Florida Barrel Aged RumBarrel Aged Florida Rum – A must-buy. We want this at cask strength because the 80 proof is delicious.  Purchase Here

To make sure we weren’t lying to ourselves, we had other bourbon sippers try all of the products below blind as well as the Wheat, Rye, and Barley at cask strength. Same feedback, “incredible.”  The Wheat and Rye at cask strength both taste like candy, but are not currently offered at barrel proof from the distillery (we hope this changes soon).

You’re tired of reading, but it’s important you know a couple more things.


Timber Creek Distillery does things a bit differently than most. Rather than distilling their grains together, they distill each grain individually and blend afterwards. We firmly believe this is a major reason why their products are so good, they have to be good on their own.

Timber Creek Distillery - Aaron Barnes - Camden Ford.JPGAnother reason their stuff is so good is that their Master Distiller, Aaron Barnes, is a wizard. Seriously, if he were at Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, or Four Roses, he would be a celebrity. It’s nothing short of legendary to be able to deliver the quality he has delivered across the range of products in such a short amount of time. So it’s safe to say he will have a job as long as he wants one being a Master Distiller, there’s no question about it. We can’t tie this down without mentioning Camden Ford, President of Timber Creek. He and Aaron are a fantastic combination of business and booze.

Our friends over at CPD Wine & Liquor just started carrying the Timber Creek products, and they Ship! If they don’t have everything in stock right now, they’ll have it within a week. So check now, and check back again.

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