Florida Vodka

Our Florida Vodka is made with 100% north Florida Red Soft Winter Wheat. We crack the wheat open and gently cook it to release the sugars. We remove the grains in our lauter tun and only ferment the liquid. This makes for a very clean product. After fermentation, we distill a minimum of 4 times in our copper pot still. This method makes an extremely smooth Vodka, but leaves a little flavor in it so you know where it came from.
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What is a Florida Vodka?

A Florida Vodka should represent the best that Florida has to offer, and therefore a Florida Vodka must have the following characteristics:

  1. Distilled from 100% local Florida grains
  2. Uses only Florida limestone spring water
  3. Filtered with natural charcoal
  4. Rests for a minimum of 6 months before bottling

This combination of factors will produce a distinctly rich and uniquely Florida Vodka.

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Timber Creek uses a proprietary distilling and blending technique we call PureBlend®. This process is an end to end process designed to optimize flavors from each individual grain or ingredient and then blends the flavors after aging to create unique, bold, balanced, and pure flavor profiles.

Timber Creek Florida Vodka

Product Specs: APB 750ML: 6 Bottle Case. SRP $22.99
Shipper Dimensions: APB 750ML: 9.5” x 6.125” x 13.125”
Bottle Dimensions: APB 750ML: 12.598” x 2.965”
Florida Brand Registration: APB 750ML: 233940
TTB Cola Registration: APB 750ML: 1712400100004

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