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Timber Creek Releases New Line of Local Florida Whiskeys

Timber Creek Distillery is launching a new signature line of local Florida whiskeys. Join them March 11 at the annual Alys Beach Bourbon, Beer and Butts Festival.  Straight from the Gulf Coast, Timber Creek Distillery handcrafts every batch using the finest grains grown in Florida.

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Timber Creek whiskeys are made from at least 95 percent Florida grown grains using separate barrels for each grain. Timber Creek Florida Bourbon, Timber Creek Reserve Florida Bourbon Whiskey and Timber Creek Black Rye Whiskey are each custom blended. The custom blend aids in creating the distinct, unique flavors. Then each bourbon is aged in charred Missouri Oak for at least 9 months.

“Florida has always been known as the Sunshine State.  The same sunshine that tans millions of tourists on our beautiful beaches also grows some of the finest fruits and grains,” said Camden Ford, President of Timber Creek.We are excited and proud to start a new tradition here in the Sunshine State: Florida Bourbon and Florida Rye Whiskey.”



Timber Creek Florida Bourbon 

This bourbon is a blend of corn, wheat and barley. Which, in turn creates a smooth, easy to drink bourbon. Perfect neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite drink.



Timber Creek Reserve Florida Bourbon 

A rare four-grain blend that brings together the sweetness of corn, balanced by wheat with a touch of spice from rye and the smooth taste of barley.  Reserve Bourbon is remarkably flavorful and complex for a young bourbon.



Timber Creek’s Black Rye Whiskey 

This 100 percent Florida 401 Black Rye contains a bold flavor unlike any other rye and is unique to Florida.

About Timber Creek Distillery:

Timber Creek Distillery started just north of Destin, FL in the barn of a 1,400-acre family farm by two neighbors. Both of which, wanted to create a whiskey uniquely their own.

Co-founder Camden Ford left a Silicon Valley start-up to return with his family to their Florida roots for a new company of his own.  An engineer by training, Ford immersed himself in the science of distilling to understand the process and technology of micro-distilleries. He discovered his business partner next door, co-founder Aaron Barnes, a single father with two girls. Aaron brought the expertise of an avid home brewer and soon his neighbor’s enthusiasm for distilling rubbed off.

“I really didn’t know what to expect, but realized over a few glasses of whiskey on the back porch that we had a lot in common, including the passion for quality beverages,” said Aaron Barnes, Master Distiller at Timber Creek. “We wanted to create a whiskey that embodies the Florida Panhandle and share it with our community, like sharing a drink with a neighbor.” 

Together Barnes and Ford began experimenting with small batches in the barn. Perfecting their techniques and blend of flavors that became the basis of Timber Creek Distillery.

In addition to its newly launched whiskeys, Timber Creek Distillery is the creator of several fine craft spirits. The list includes:

  • A wheat Vodka made from local North Florida red soft winter wheat
  • Rum made with the finest Louisiana sugarcane
  • Dark Rum barrel aged in charred Missouri Oak barrels
  • Coffee Rum made from fresh roasted Brazillian Coffee (This one is strong!)
  • For dessert, Apple Pie Rum based on an award-winning family pie recipe

Contact: Camden Ford, President, Timber Creek Distillery


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