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Florida Black Rye Whiskey

Our first Rye is a big hit. This whiskey is 100% Rye and we use Florida 401 Black Rye – a strain of Rye that only grows in Florida. The Florida heat and sandy soil does something to this Rye and gives it a unique bold flavor unlike any other Rye. The nose starts very floral and grassy and finishes with a little honey on the back of the pallet. To preserve all of the flavor, we bottle our Florida Black Rye Whiskey at 93 PROOF.
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What is a Florida Whiskey?

A Florida Whiskey should represent the best that Florida has to offer, and therefore a Florida Whiskey must have the following characteristics:

  1. Distilled from at least 90% local Florida-grown grains
  2. Uses only Florida limestone spring water
  3. Aged in the heat and humidity of Florida
  4. Bottled unfiltered – to preserve the unique flavors


This combination of factors will produce a distinctly rich and uniquely Florida Whiskey.

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Timber Creek uses a proprietary distilling and blending technique we call PureBlend®. This process is an end to end process designed to optimize flavors from each individual grain or ingredient and then blends the flavors after aging to create unique, bold, balanced, and pure flavor profiles.

Timber Creek Florida Black Rye Whiskey

Product Specs: APB 750ML: 6 Bottle Case. SRP $45.99
Shipper Dimensions: APB 750ML: 9.5” x 6.125” x 13.125”
Bottle Dimensions: APB 750ML: 12.598” x 2.965”
Florida Brand Registration: APB 750ML: 258918
TTB Cola Registration: APB 750ML: 17124001000057

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