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Timber Creek Distillery’s Florida Whiskeys and Apple Pie Rum

Timber Creek Distillery image collageThe Timber Creek Distillery is located on a family farm just north of Destin, Florida. Our vision is to take the best local fruits and grains from the Florida Panhandle and turn them into the finest Craft Spirits. We take great pride in hand making every batch and hand bottling every bottle.

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Florida Whiskey

Florida Whiskey

0.75L  |  93.0 Proof  |  46.5% ABV  |  6 Bottles Per Case

Our Florida Whiskey is a Wheated Bourbon. The flavor profile is sweet and smooth. We start with our 100% Corn Bourbon Whiskey base and blend in then follow up with a touch of 100% Wheat Whiskey to balance the sweetness of the Corn. The mash bill is roughly 80% corn and because of that this is our sweetest whiskey. And last we pull all of the flavors together by blending in our 100% Single Malt Barley whiskey which adds a round buttery‐ness to the final blend. This whiskey is amazingly well balanced and easy to drink. To preserve the natural Florida flavors we bottle it at 93 Proof.

MicroLiquor Spirit Awards: 2017 Gold Package Design Distilled Competition: 2018 Silver Winner

Florida Single Malt

Florida Single Malt Whiskey

0.75L  |  90.0 Proof  |  45.0% ABV  |  6 Bottles Per Case

Our first Single Malt Whiskey is 100% Barley. The flavor profile is buttery and easy to drink. This first expression was barreled in new #3 char American Oak, so it has a bit of caramel and vanilla sweetness. We hand select barrels to blend into to this uniquely Florida whiskey. This whiskey is amazingly well balanced and easy to drink. To preserve the natural Florida flavors we bottle it at 90 Proof.

Florida Apple Pie Rum

Florida Apple Pie Rum

0.75L  |  70.0 Proof  |  35.0% ABV  |  6 Bottles Per Case

And for dessert, we have our Apple Pie Rum. We start with our clear rum base then infuse the natural flavors of Apple Pie. Our recipe is based on a family Blue Ribbon award winning Apple Pie recipe. We include everything but the crust. This is NOT moonshine. We use all natural ingredients and do not add any sugar. This delicious spirit is great on the rocks, with a splash of ginger ale, or with a little ice cream for an Apple Pie ala mode.



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