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The Whiskey Industry’s First and Only


Blending Kit

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Local Ingredients

The finest local crops from Florida's gulf coast

Pristine Quality

We extract the purest flavors from our fruits and grains

Award Winning

We took home two awards at our first competition

Timber Creek’s Bourbon Blending Kit

The Worlds First Bourbon Blending Kit

To Allow You To Blend Any Bourbon Mash Bill From 4 Single Grain Whiskeys

Timber Creek, Florida’s fastest growing distillery is launching the whiskey industry’s first and only Bourbon Blending Kit. The limited edition gift set features a selection of 100 percent single grain whiskeys and Timber Creek’s Bourbon Blending Guide allowing consumers to create their own personal bourbon blend.

Bourbon lovers

blend your own whiskey

using an innovative process pioneered by Timber Creek to create its handcrafted small batch bourbon. Each grain is individually milled, mashed, distilled, barreled and aged to make 100 percent single grain whiskeys. Barrels are hand-picked and the whiskeys blended to create Timber Creek’s unique bourbon flavor profile.

Read Our Bourbon Blending Guide
Timber Creek Distillery

Exploring new techniques to push the boundaries of innovation

“As a craft distillery, Timber Creek can experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of innovation unlike large scale operations. Timber Creek is at the forefront of the craft spirits industry and is leading the way by offering new flavor profiles and new whiskey experiences to customers.”

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everything you need to blend any bourbon mash or to create your own.

Our limited edition gift set

includes the following 4 Whiskeys, 150ml Pyrex Graduated Blending Beaker, 6” Glass Stir Rod, 7.5ml Graduated Pipette for exact measurement, Bourbon Blending Guide, which describes our distillation process, where flavors come from, and how to blend these 4 whiskeys into any Bourbon mash bill. (Includes examples of how to blend Timber Creek Bourbon mash billas well as a list of popular commercial Bourbon mash bills so customers can blend their favorite Bourbons.)

Florida Corn Whiskey

100 Proof – 750ml bottle

Florida Wheat Whiskey

100 Proof – 375ml bottle

Florida Black Rye Whiskey

100 Proof – 375ml bottle

Single Malt Barley Whiskey

100 Proof – 375ml bottle


True to the distillery’s own description, Timber Creek Distillery Reserve Florida Bourbon is “remarkably flavorful and complex for a young bourbon.” This makes for a nice after-dinner drink to be sipped neat, but also holds its own within a cocktail.
Between this and the non-reserve bourbon, my interest is piqued to see what else Timber Creek develops in the coming years.


It is tasty and smooth, very easy to do drink, and while it does taste young and woody, it is not overpowered by that woodiness as I find some young whiskies are. Perhaps this smoothness can be attributed to Timber Creek’s gentle touch with the grains? Who knows, but for Florida’s first bourbon, I am impressed.

Brad AndrewsGoogle Guide

Excellent spirits. Owner was very knowledgeable and a great guy. Highly recommend.

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