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Complimentary Rum & Bourbon Tasting Event 

You are invited! Today we welcome this area’s local Timber Creek Distillery as they host a bourbon & rum tasting today starting at 5:00PM for BOURBON CLUB WEDNESDAY. Come sample really good complimentary Bourbon, Rum, and Timber Creek infused mixed drinks and let us know how you like the selections!



The Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast are blessed with some fantastic local crops. For our Vodka and Whiskeys, we use local Red Soft Winter Wheat, local Yellow #2 Dent Corn, and local Florida 401 Black Rye. For our Rums, we use the best Gulf Coast Cane Molasses from right down the road in Louisiana. Next summer, we will begin to also incorporate many of our local fruits including: Strawberries, Blueberries, Plums, Peaches, and Muscadines. We will use these in our Brandies and also as flavorings for our other products.

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