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Our Vision

Take the best local fruits and grains and turn them into

The Finest Craft Spirits

The Timber Creek Distillery is located on a family farm in Crestview, Florida, where we take great pride in hand making every batch and hand bottling every bottle.

What makes us different?

Our unique way of creating spirits

We have custom designed our distillery to take the greatest care of the fruits and grains to preserve and extract the purest flavors. We have a custom designed pot still, “thumper”, and copper worm condenser to allow the bold favors of our raw ingredients to shine through.

We use local ingredients.

The Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast are blessed with some fantastic local crops. For our Vodka and Whiskeys, we use local Red Soft Winter Wheat, local Yellow #2 Dent Corn, and local Florida 401 Black Rye. For our Rums, we use the best Gulf Coast Cane Molasses from right down the road in Louisiana. Next summer, we will begin to also incorporate many of our local fruits including: Strawberries, Blueberries, Plums, Peaches, and Muscadines. We will use these in our Brandies and also as flavorings for our other products.

Your Florida Distillery

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