Crestview, FLA.,  (January 6, 2018- ) Timber Creek Distillery, a leader in craft spirits innovation, has developed a proprietary end to end process for optimizing flavors from the highest quality ingredients and delivering those flavors in each product. The PureBlend® process deconstructs the distilling process to optimize the flavors from individual ingredients and then blends individual ingredients to create new, unique flavor profiles.

The master distillers at Timber Creek believe that the quality individual ingredients should be treated with care and respect. They also believe that each ingredient should be distilled individually in order for the flavors from each ingredient can be optimized and maximized.  The PureBlend® process effectively optimizes the milling, mashing, lautering, fermenting, distilling, barreling of individual grains and individual flavors. The pure flavors are then blended together to create the most flavorful, clean and unique products on the market.

On the grain side, the PureBlend process starts with the selection of the finest locally grown grains and the milling of the grains.  Each individual grain, including wheat, corn, rye, barley, and oats, is milled to an optimal size for the efficient mashing and lautering.  A roller mill is used to “crack” the grains open such that it can release its sugars while leaving the husks somewhat intact for efficient lautering.  The mill is set at different spacing, specifically for each grain.  Next is the mashing process which cooks the grains to gelatinize the starches in the grain such that all sugars can be released.  Each grain is cooked at a different temperature to optimize the sugar extraction, while not over cooking the grain and extracting too many tannins from the husks.  After mashing, the grains are then lautered, which separates the liquid from the solid grains.  A critical task in the PureBlend process includes the separation of the grain husks from the mash at the earliest stage possible to reduce generating off flavors from the husks.  After lautering, the mash is then transferred to a temperature controlled, closed fermentation tanks.  Controlling fermentation temperature and type of yeast is critical to generating very pure flavors.  If fermentation occurs at too high a temperature, the yeast struggle and release unwanted chemicals and flavors.  Ferment too cold and the yeast is inefficient in doing its job.

During distillation, individual grain mash is distilled in a custom copper pot still using a standard 2-pass, temperature differential distillation process.  During this process, Timber Creek’s Master Distiller will determine when to make the cuts for each individual grain based on the flavors of each grain coming out of the still.  In a multi-grain mash, the “cuts” will be made based on the flavors coming off of the still as well, but with multi-grain, one of the grains may be contributing bad flavors before the other grains and therefore, the “cuts” will be made prematurely for some grains in order to manage the integrity of the distillation.  With the PureBlend® process, each grain can be optimized for flavor coming off of the still giving the purest flavors possible.

After distillation, individual grain spirits are barreled individually as well.  Timber Creek individually barrels and ages 100% corn whiskey, 100% rye whiskey, 100% barley whiskey, 100% wheat whiskey, and 100% oat whiskey. Each of these single grain whiskeys are allowed the time to age appropriately, before the Timber Creek distilling team hand selects individual barrels for blending and bottling.  For Bourbon whiskeys, these all have multiple grains and as such, specific barrels are hand selected to blend those individual flavors together to create their Bourbon blends.

While the previously explained process demonstrates how Timber Creek creates whiskey blends, they also use the PureBlend® process when making Vodka, Gin, and Rums as well. This proprietary process enables the creation of very unique pure flavors that can then be blended together to create an unlimited number of flavor profiles in all Timber Creek spirits.


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